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Halloween // miki and yuki

·٠•♥♫。♡☆ ゚¨゚゚You want to add me?

Feel free to write me, I love to meet new people
We must have at least SOMETHING in common
Comment to THIS post
You can speak english with me!

03/05/10 ;
Halloween // miki and yuki


Shipping to worldwide
Ask for the shippingcost
Accept only paypal
You must pay the paypal fee
Payment has to be made in EURO
Please use to convert it to your own currency.
The prices don't include shipping!
Leave comment what you want
The product will be shipped in about a week
Please make sure that I am not responsible for lost packages!
I will hold Items for 3 weeks

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Halloween // miki and yuki
If you've bought from me, please leave your feedback here.
Comments will never be screened/deleted.

For further reference you also have a look at my Ebay Feedback.
(klick ebay feedback)


Thank you!
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happy birthday.
Halloween // miki and yuki

.*・゚☆Happy☆Birthday☆゚・*【MIKI】 ☆(^ε^)♪

I just wish you the best! 

I can't really write that I wish you all...

Its's just to much to write everything.

But you my Idol after all that time ♥

Halloween // miki and yuki
Okay I've a new layout again ><

I chose a easy one without header...
I didn't find anything that will work with the images I want to use.

And I can't handle html myself to create my own awesome layout.

So I end up like this now.

And now I will chance my icons x_X


Halloween // miki and yuki
New layout again...
I think thats better
but a little too childish...
I keep looking for another one

Halloween // miki and yuki
I've new layout...
but it looks wierd.

I will look for new one tomorrow x__X

miki &amp; yuki // chu
I delet some of my old entrys...
because I want to start this journal new.

I will post a little bit more!
but I try not to post the same thinks like I post in my blog or my ameba.

Hope full I can do this xD
or els I just post my blog entrys for my friends I've here.

I think most I will post about MSI and Cosplay...
like before but my english is a lot better now.

I got some norwegian Friends and i just can talk in english with them.
So I learned a lot... I'm not perfect but I'll give my best.

btw. did someone want to know my facebook account?
I don't have much friends here but maybe someone has interesst to contact me a little more?

I think about to get a new layout here x__X

Blog Crew!
Halloween // miki and yuki
I am the MIKI of LJ



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